The heart of GAS pumps blue blood, the colour of the brand par excellence, from the material that identifies its essence: denim.

For years the phrase “GAS Blue Jeans” appeared on every label, product or advertisement referring to the brand.

Blue is a deep colour that is also lively and positive. It’s the colour of the sky and of the sea and, in its most intense and recognizable vibration, one of the seven colours of the rainbow, indigo.

Indigo like the colour of the denim’s dyeing that in the past was extracted from an exotic plant and that, also today that is created in laboratory, it maintains the unpredictable and personal appeal of the origins. In facts, the indigo dye, thanks to its peculiar characteristics of instability, make jeans gradually fade over time because of the washes and rubbing. That’s the way the magic of denim continues to come true: its power to recount the original and unique lifestyle and story of who is wearing it.


Taken from “25 DAYS”, the book born from the in-house creative project that took place in 2009 on occasion of the brand’s 25th anniversary, this image illustrates the many shades of blue that you may encounter on any given day spent at the GAS headquarters.



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